The rehabilitation program proposed by NF Physiotherapy is subject to an initial physiotherapy assessment and customized to the patient's problems and needs in the areas of post-traumatic, post-surgery, sports and age and lifestyle-related musculoskeletal disorders.
The aim of the physiotherapy path is not only to eliminate pain, but also to correct the underlying causes of the problem.

Manual therapy and therapeutic exercises are used in synergy with non-invasive instrumental technologies, such as functional air vibrations, tecar therapy and external shock wave therapy, and adapted to the pathology to ensure the best treatment effectiveness.

Functional air vibrations induce metabolic and neuro-physiological adaptive responses in the neuro-muscular chain and myo-osteoarticular structures of the body.
They improve proprioception and postural balance, maintain and optimize muscle tone and trophism, increase physical endurance and reduce recovery time.


This device sends a series of high-pressure energy impulses to the affected area that produces an inflammatory reaction, inducing an increase in metabolic activity that stimulates and accelerates the healing process.
Its most frequent applications are in the treatment of tennis elbow, plantar fasciopathy, tendinopathies, pseudoarthrosis and frozen shoulder.

This technology generates an electromagnetic field that increases cellular activity and temperature through the recall of electric charges in the form of ions present in biological tissues.
Its application produces an increase in blood flow, a reduction in myofascial tension, an increase in cellular metabolism and also has an analgesic effect.